First Reaction: Merrell Bare Access Arc 2

My new shoes have arrived!

Merrell Bare Access Arc Running Shoes

These are the Women’s Merrell Bare Access Arc 2 Barefoot Running Shoes in Aqua, or as I affectionately call it, Smurf Blue. These just hit the market this month and are the update to the orignal Bare Access Arc. I like this updated version better than the original. I currently run in the Pace Gloves but was looking for something for longer distances with a tad more cushion. Have done a few miles in these and my initial thoughts are good. I’ll wait to post a full review once I have some more miles on them.

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4 thoughts on “First Reaction: Merrell Bare Access Arc 2

  1. I love these!! can’t wait to see how you like them!

    • Thanks! I haven’t gotten a ton of miles in them yet (maybe 20), but so far I love them! I raced a 5k yesterday in them and they felt light and fast, and were plenty comfortable for that distance. I love the roomy toe box for my toes to splay out, and how they have a touch more padding than the Pace Gloves which make them more comfortable on the concrete. I will say that while I’ve been wearing minimalist shoes ever since post-injury, they still really “work” my leg and feet muscles. After 5 miles yesterday (running 3, walking 2) my calves, quads and arches are all so sore today, but in a good muscle-soreness way. I really want to wear them this weekend for our 10 miler, but think it might be too much too soon so I may switch into my old Mizunos for that. 😦 Oh, and I heart the bright blue Smurf color! 😉

      • Charin

        Hi Beth,
        Have u run many more km’s in them? Ive been running with the pace gloves and r comfortable up to 7kms, but don’t think I’d manage 3 days of around 20km each day, which is a trail run I’m contemplating.

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