Double Fit: LiveFit Turkey Muffins and FitMixer Amino

Double Fit, as in LiveFit and FitMixer!

First things first, I made another batch of LiveFit Turkey Muffins.

LiveFit Turkey Muffins

Ingredients: ground turkey, oats, onions, egg whites & spices (I left out the celery).

LiveFit Turkey Muffins Raw

In the raw, ready to go into a preheated 375°F oven. Just like mini meatloaf muffins, only a bit healthier.

LiveFit Turkey Muffins Cooked

Brought along a few for today’s lunch at work. I added some different spices this time, and while better, they are still missing something. Perhaps these would taste better drizzled with a little marinara sauce as they are a little very much bland for my palette. I also intended to add some spinach and red bell pepper in the mixture for color, but forgot.

I’m definitely going to use a sauce for the remainder 10 of these, for the very least to add some color.

Yesterday morning was Day 16 of the LiveFit Trainer plan, back & biceps, and today my arms are so sore that I feel my biceps when lifting my morning coffee mug! Wish I was kidding, but I’m not. Now that I am half-way through the first phase, the weight increases with less reps per set (from 12 reps down to 10). I like that I’m lifting more weight, and lifting with confidence, and can definitely feel the change.

In some ways I like the post-lifting soreness as it is a reminder of my efforts at the gym and thus keeps me on track, avoiding office junk food. However, working out back-to-back days, it is important to make sure your muscles have recovered. As a way to help speed up recovery, I started taking fitmixer amino.

FitMixer Amino

From the fitmixer website:

“fitmixer® amino™ supports you before, during, and after physical activity to help prepare, push, and repair your body no matter what your fitness level. The unique blend in fitmixer® amino™ fuels your body with the essential nutrients it needs to give you energy, support you during your workout, and achieve your fitness goals. Whether your goal is increased energy, muscle tone, strength, or endurance, fitmixer® amino™ is right for you.*fitmixer® amino™ uses Tri-Flow™, a patent-pending blend of ingredients university tested and clinically shown** to increase nitric oxide 300% more than leading fitness products.* Increased nitric oxide may have a variety of benefits including increased oxygen delivery throughout the body to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.*”

My initial thoughts – this is Kool-Aid for grown-ups! I got the fruit punch flavor which was actually really tasty. It mixed easily in my BlenderBottle with no grittiness. fitmixer also sent me samples of their grape flavor, which was good, but I favor fruit punch.

I also loved their packaging design.

The thing I didn’t like about this product was, just like Kool-Aid, they use artificial dye Red #40 which can stain hands (a minor annoyance) to more serious issues such as being is linked to hyperactivity in children among other things. I’d prefer this product to be clear, or maybe just a light color (similar to Nuun). I don’t need my drink to be bright red just because it is flavored fruit punch. 😦

FitMixer Amino Mixed

I’ve been using this for almost two weeks and I cannot say that I notice any of the claimed changes. I’ve tried it before, during and after as they suggest, and have also tried it just after and just before workouts to see if there is a difference. I don’t feel that I am getting any increased energy or endurance.

As for muscle recovery? There is a slight benefit, but not as much as I was expecting. To be fair I’ve never tried a product like this one before, so I have nothing to compare it to.

fitmixer says that their product is “university tested”, but I do not have the data of their testing to know what variables were considered. It appears to be a fairly new product on the market.

Since this product tastes good, I’ll continue to take it and finish off the rest of the container, but may not purchase again if I don’t feel enough of a benefit. Instead, I’d like to try branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for use as a post-workout recovery supplement, or just skip BCAAs altogether. Just like with all vitamins and supplements, it is hard to gauge if they really do anything for you or if it is just a placebo effect. Yes, I am very much a skeptic when it comes to vitamins or drugs. Belief is a powerful medicine, and the mind has an incredible impact on the body. In the end I just go with my gut instinct and the way my body feels.

Have you ever tried fitmixer or a BCAA supplement? Did it work for you? What do you do to speed up muscle recovery or to reduce soreness?

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3 thoughts on “Double Fit: LiveFit Turkey Muffins and FitMixer Amino

  1. Hi,

    Just checking in with you with your results with FitMixer Amino. After your completion of this product, did you see or feel a difference? I am curious because I am looking to purchase this product and Amazon and FitMixer are the only ones to sell it and it is no longer available at Costco stores or which makes me question its success rate as they tend to pull products when not good. I tried a sample once and I feel that it worked, but then again, I do not know if it was that pre-disposed thinking that did it or what, but my level of energy pre-running was terrific and I did run a longer trail than usual…but who is to say. Please let me know if you would purchase this product again.


    • Hi Lindsey! Perfect timing as I just finished off my container last week so I feel like I had plenty of servings to justify an honest opinion. I “felt a difference” only about 20% of the time, but I question if it was actually the product or just coincidence. Most of the time I did not feel like it made any difference compared to regular good old H20. It did taste good, so I enjoyed drinking it during my workouts, except it had a SLIGHT negative aftertaste. I just ordered a different brand – Optimum Nutrition (ON) Amino Energy Grape which is scheduled to arrive in the post tomorrow. Be on the lookout for my review of that one! Other reviews online are favorable. BTW- I also noticed that Costco no longer sells it online or in stores.

      • Krystle

        Hey Beth!
        Thanks for the post! What I don’t like about the fitmixer one is the ingredients! How did you like the ON Amino Energy Grape one? I couldn’t find your review!

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