There is Kale On My Pizza!

There is kale on my pizza and I like it. A lot.

Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Kale Pizza

Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Kale Pizza

I’ve been a big fan of kale chips since last year. I don’t remember where I first heard about them, but I do remember the day I first made them, they were amazing! I make mine with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt & pepper. Sometimes I add other spices or parmesan cheese. Kale chips are easy to make, but do require keeping an eye on the oven. The key is to bake them until they are crisp but not burnt, and that line can be crossed in a matter of seconds if you are not careful. When done right, they crumble/dissolve in your mouth like an ultra light and airy chip.

Fresh kale cut and waiting to get tossed with oil and vinegar.

Fresh kale cut and waiting to get tossed with oil and vinegar.

Kale Chips

Kale Chips

There are some great blog posts out there already on this very same topic. If you are interested in making them, check out Kalyn’s Kitchen, The Kitchn or Honest Fare. I must warn you, kale chips are addicting! I can eat a whole bunch of kale in one sitting when prepared this way. Oh yeah!

Back to the pizza. Ah, glorious sweet potato & kale pizza. The colors are stunning – orange, violet & green – Mr. Nine calls is the Secondary Colors Pizza.

Pizza AND instant kale chips!

Pizza AND instant kale chips! Sign me up!

I got this recipe for Sweet Potato Kale Pizza with Rosemary & Red Onion from a blog that I must stay away from, Two Peas and Their Pod. I want to eat EVERYTHING they post. This pizza is as tasty as you might imagine. I used a ball of refrigerated whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. Mr. Nine did the rolling and stretching of the dough, and the transfer from the peel to the pizza stone. I always get nervous that I’ll drop it and there will be sticky dough and toppings all over the oven. The layer of cheese underneath the ingredients act as glue to hold the sweet tater rounds & onion into place, and the kale (tossed in balsamic vinegar & olive oil) sitting on top crisps up just like kale chips! I do wish I had put the kale on for only the last few minutes, as a few did get burnt from the high heat, but it was still alright. The pizza stone was nice and hot so it only took 10 minutes at 450 degrees.

I also made a Greek Feta Quinoa Salad (for work lunches during the week) and Mr. Nine prepared a tasty pasta dish for dinner. I forgot to take pictures of those, but they were yum in the tum!

Went to the gym and lifted weights, did a little elliptical (it doesn’t seem to bother my knee) and just had a good day of staying at home. I always like relaxed Sundays. What is your favorite day of the week to relax? Do you have a Sunday ritual? Have you ever had kale chips or kale on pizza?

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One thought on “There is Kale On My Pizza!

  1. sassystephfoodie

    This pizza looks delicious and your pictures are great! I will definitely be checking out runningoncloudnine again. Cheers!

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