Soft Pretzels Soothe The Soul

Today I’m lounging around the house in pajamas, riding out the tail end of a cold. I seldom get sick, this was my first cold in over 4 years.

Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, my cravings go straight for comfort foods from my childhood. There is something so familiar & soothing about those foods, they truly feed the soul. While blog hopping last night on the NOOK from underneath the most incredibly snuggly down blanket, I stumbled upon a recipe for Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites from Two Peas & Their Pod. I would have jumped straight off the sofa and did a happy dance if I wasn’t as sick and tired as I was. Hot pretzels rank up there with one of my favorite childhood treats. They remind me of seeing a baseball game at Wrigley, a day of riding roller coasters at the amusement park or even a sunny summer afternoon at the beach (our beach club sold them at the concession stand).

After lunch today, Mr. Nine popped the dough hook onto the KitchenAid and began making the dough for, you guessed it, hot soft pretzel bites! I think my subtle hints (shoving the NOOK in front of him screaming “Pretzel Nuggets! Pretzel Nuggets!”) did the trick. Just like with any bread baking, this is a good project for the weekend when you are home since the whole process takes several hours with the rising & baking.

Pretzel Bites Cooling on Rack

Pretzel Bites Cooling on Rack

I received some Red Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt as a gift before Christmas this year, and it was the perfect coarse salt to top them with. Since the pink-red salt blended in with the brown pretzels, it wasn’t as picture perfect as pure white salt, but it tasted just as good.

This recipe makes a ton of pretzel bites. We had some leftover (stored covered at room temp overnight) and they were just as delicious after being heated up for a few seconds in the microwave. I am sure you could also freeze them, but I have not tried that.

The cheese dip was too thick, so we had to add a lot more milk to make it dippable. Be warned that it dips best when it is really hot, so eat it right away or put into a warming dish as it will not hold up at room temp for any length of time.

The Finished Pretzel Bites

The Finished Pretzel Bites!

While munching on these incredible pillowy pretzels, thinking about how I’ve not only been sick but injured and unable to run for the last 6 weeks, I figured now is a good time to start the blog that I’ve always wanted. So here I am, blogging about my road to recovery and all the yummy things that happen along the way.

Once I am able to run again on the trails I love, I’ll be running on cloud nine.

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One thought on “Soft Pretzels Soothe The Soul

  1. These look incredible! And I can totally see you, Nook in hand, saying, “Pretzel nuggets! Pretzel nuggets!”

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